What is IOLAS?
The Basic version of IOLAS consists of a Survey and a short report showing your three top Interests and Work Values, the three Job Families you match best, and the four most important things that will make a job satisfying for you.

The Full version of IOLAS consists of a Survey and a summary composite of several federal databases that offer information about jobs, schools and colleges, and post-secondary courses of study in the USA.

A special Full version of IOLAS is available for use by churches and other volunteer-based organizations to help assign people to appropriate positions.

The Basic version of IOLAS is free. To see your Full report, you must contact a consultant or guide who has been trained by IOLAS.

Where does the Survey come from?
It comes from the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, specifically the O*NET Resource Center. You can learn more about the Interest survey we use
here and the Work Importance Profiler is covered in this document.

In the Full report, am I limited to seeing information only when I match a job, a course of study, a school or a volunteer position?
No, you're not limited. You can see any information about any job, any course of study, and any school. If you're using the volunteer version, you can see any ministry or volunteer position.

What do you mean when you say that I "match" a job or volunteer position?
We mean that you've answered the Survey in a way that appears to be typical of people who work in that job or who serve in that position.

You should use that information with care. Plenty of people who work in a particular job may not be typical employees. So you should use our information only as a guide. Feel free to explore jobs or courses of study that you don't "match." Don't feel you should be working in a job, or enrolling for a course of study, just because you "match" it.

Similarly, if you are using the church or volunteer version of IOLAS, you should treat our "matches" as suggestions - not recommendations.

How can I print a page?
If you're on a PC or a laptop, you can print out the page just as you would any other page in your browser.

If you're on a mobile device - a phone or a tablet - it's a bit more difficult. Are you able to print other pages from your phone or tablet? If you can, then you can print our pages in just the same way.

If you can't print from your mobile device, you'll have to ask someone to help you to set it up so you can. Or you can go to any PC or laptop that has a printer attached, and enter your 8-letter code on our site. Then you can go to the pages that interest you and print them out.

What about privacy issues?
You're identified only by the code number we give you: a combination of letters created randomly, so it can't be guessed. When you enter your name, we don't ask for your full name: you can enter whatever you want. So if you use "Bob" or "Maria," neither we nor anyone else knows who Bob or Maria is.

We also ask for your e-mail address. We don't sell it or do anything with it except 1) send you your code number, so you can review your information whenever you want; 2) use it to identify you if you are paying for your information with a credit card.

Finally, this is information about your job matches and education. It may of interest to you, but not really to anyone else. It's not financial information. It's not medical information. Our web site doesn't track you. If someone is trying to steal important information about you, they won't be interested in your job fit or the best course of study for you.

I've lost my code, so I can't access my information any more. What can I do?
You can answer the Survey again! It only takes 10-15 minutes ....

If you lose your code number, we can't find it for you: we don't have enough information to be able to do that.